Pi Beta Phi
At Kansas State University
Chapter Leadership


Chapter President ✰

Kylee Mernaugh | mernaghk@ksu.edu

Major: Architecture

Minor: Regional and Community Planning

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: was singing "Angels Among Us" after our final round of recruitment, or pranking Juliane by putting her mattress on her car! 

Vice President of Member Development ✰

Natalie Mullin | mullinnm@ksu.edu 

Major: Biology and Pre-Medicine

Minor: Spanish

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: When Abbey Heller ran around the house dancing with a Bill Snyder head cutout over her face. She kept running into people’s rooms and scaring them by yelling “MAN ON THE FLOOR!!” 

Vice President of Fraternity Development ✰

Callie Chambers | callie11@ksu.edu 

Major: Elementary Education 

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: Freshman year spring break! A big group from my PC all roadtripped to the beach together. 

Vice President of Membership ✰

Ariana Coker | arianacoker@ksu.edu

Majors: Life Sciences Pre-Medicine and Gerontology

Minors: Spanish and Leadership Studies

Favorite Pi Phi memory: Roadtripping this winter break with a big group to the hometown of an out of state sister! Another  one of my favorite memories is definitely going to be playing mind games in the 3rd floor suite and laughing until we all are crying. 

Vice President of Administration ✰

Elizabeth Mulholland | eamulhol@ksu.edu

Major: Kinesiology

Minor: Spanish

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: Freshman year my Aunt surprised me at initiation, and I turned around and immediately started crying because I was so excited to see her and to share that special moment with her! Another one would be for Big Little reveal I could not get my legs into the box and my big could not stop laughing and so I was outside the box when my little came up to my big and me and laughing and did not get to open the box.

Vice President of Communications ✰

Jordyn Burke | jordynburke3@ksu.edu

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: All of the bachelor watch parties & roadtripping down to Texas for the TCU vs. KSU Football game with my sisters! Also getting initiated with my first friend that I met on bid day!! (love you Brooke Bulloch!) 

Vice President of Event Planning ✰

Lauren Londeen | llondeen@ksu.edu

Major: Psychology & Pre-OT

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: Jamming out to music together while getting ready Having girls to come home to and share the best and worst parts of my day everyday! College would not be what it has been for me without Pi Beta

Vice President of Philanthropy ✰

Madison Scott | mascott@ksu.edu

Major: Life Sciences (Pre-PA)

Minor: Gerontology

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: My favorite memory of being in Pi Beta Phi is mom/dot reveal.  I will forever be grateful to Pi Phi for bringing me my greatest friendships. I love my Pi Phi friends who get Orange Leaf with me, even though they like Coldstone better. 

Vice President of Finance ✰

Grace Earnhardt | gracee@ksu.edu

Major: Computer Science

Minors: Math and Business

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: When Liz told us how she used to come home from school and eat precisely one marshmallow as a snack and growing close to the new people while living in the suite!

Vice President of Housing ✰

Rebecca Doll | rebeccadoll@ksu.edu

Major: Industrial Engineering

Minor: Business

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: So far, my favorite part of being a Pi Phi would for sure be getting to live in. I have met so many new people and have a greater sense of belonging to the chapter. Plus there is always someone down to go get Cold Stone!

New Member Coordinator ✰

Brooke Bulloch | Brooke98@ksu.edu 

Major: Accounting & Finance

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My favorite memory was recruitment week while living in the house because I got to know so many girls on deeper levels! After the last round on pref day it was so much fun to celebrate with everyone what we had just accomplished as a chapter & share the excitement about getting an entire new pledge class! It brought us all closer than we’d ever been before.